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anal fistula

Anal fistula or fistula-in-ano occurs where an abnormal tunneling communication develops between the internal surface of the back passage and a point or points on the skin around  the back passage, externally.

what are the possible signs of it?

Persistent discharge of pus, blood or a mix from a point around the anus. This may be evidenced by stains on the undergarments that may give an unpleasant odour.

The discharging point may not be obvious, or may appear as a small lump in the vicinity of the anus.

An abscess (boil) may occur in this area, or may have previously occurred.

treatment of anal fistula

Treatment is by surgery. 

Available procedures include laying open of fistula or fistulectomy, insertion of Seton (a thread placed in the fistula tunnel), or closure of the tunnel with a suture, glue or a plug.

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